Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Hey there internet person!  Welcome to my blog!  I'm gonna be totally honest with ya, I've created this blog as a project for my Digital Communications class.  I've attempted blogging before and failed.  Well, not so much failed as I lost interest after a while and no one seemed interested in it anyway.  I know, I've totally got you hooked on the idea that this blog will become some great and amazing part of the cyberworld one day.  Who knows.  Maybe this will be a blog I stick with after I've aced my project.  *hint hint Professor*  And maybe it will make its way into the internet hall of fame (note: hit up Google to see if an internet hall of fame exists).

So what can you expect from this blog?  Book stuff!  Book reviews, book releases, book trends, and other shit.  Oh!  I probably should have given you warning before - I curse.  Sometimes a lot.  I should probably email my professor to make sure it's alright that I curse on my school project blog... 

Ok!  Here's what she said:
     "Cursing is allowed, but gratuitous cursing isn't the best way to communicate keep it limited and you'll be fine :)"  

So there ya go!  Limited cursing is allowed.  So the vulgar count on this entry is 1 so I think that's good!   

Yes!  There is an Internet Hall of Fame!!!  Check it out!