Saturday, October 24, 2015


In an effort to regain her stolen crown, Princess Twilight Sparkle steps through a magical mirror into a completely new world where some things have changed, but true friendships remain magical.

My daughter is obsessed with My Little Pony.  No big deal, I like the show myself!  My daughter hates reading.  As a bookworm, this breaks my little wormy heart!  She's in 1st grade (6 years old) so she's still an early reader.  Hubby and I have tried to read to her for at least 15 minutes a night at bedtime.  But to be honest, it's been a struggle because all she picks are quick books.  We wanted something longer to read to her, for our sanity, and to possibly get her hooked onto reading since she wouldn't get the full story in one go.  We tried to see if she wanted to read something we already owned, like Harry Potter.  She declined.  My Potterhead heart broke a little then, too.  So we hit up the book store and she picked this.  It's not super long but longer than the standard books for her age.  But it's something a bit longer and more complex to help with her vocabulary and thinking skills.  It's something she loves and she's already seen the movie of this story (which came out before the book) 100 times, so hopefully this will work in our (mom and dad's) favor!  

So here is to raising a little book worm! 

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