Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Letting Ana Go {book review}

This book has triggers for eating disorders, self harm, and depression.

She was a good girl from a good family, with everything she could want or need. But below the surface, she felt like she could never be good enough. Like she could never live up to the expectations that surrounded her. Like she couldn’t do anything to make a change.
But there was one thing she could control completely: how much she ate. The less she ate, the better—stronger—she felt.
But it’s a dangerous game, and there is such a thing as going too far…
Her innermost thoughts and feelings are chronicled in the diary she left behind. 

Ana is short of anorexiaThis book is done in a diary style by a teenage cross country runner.  *sigh*  Where do I start with this review?  Let me start at the end - this book gave me a bookhanger over for 3 days.  I had to listen to a light and fluffy audio book to get over itI wound up crying twice during this book.  The first time was out of self realization that I've had a lot of similar weight related thoughts that this girl has had.  The second time was at the end.  

I'm hesitant to say I don't recommend this books for teens.  On one hand, it might enabling said teen to have an eating disorder.  On the other hand, this book does show how easy it is to have a diet take a turn for the worst and turn into an eating disorder.  Ultimately the choice is yours on to read this or not.  But please do take my warning into consideration.  

Overall, I gave this book 5/5 book worms!

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